Welcome to my gallery.  This is far from my complete body of work; instead, this collection has been curated to give an idea of the breadth of work I do. After looking at these examples, I hope you’ll consider commissioning me for your own custom piece that’s sure to breath life into your home and be the envy of all your friends.

Panel Details.jpg

Communion Rail

Metal frame with sweeping hand-rolled arches, inset with hand relief carved panels and mountain silhouettes with metal cross details.


Wall Valet

This wall mounted valet is made with live edged Black Walnut which was harvested using urban forestry techniques. It contains a built-in wireless phone charger.

Coffee Table

Made with reclaimed steel and Black Walnut harvested using urban forestry techniques. Topped with a 1/2" laminated glass top.


Craftsman Barn Door

This stunning barn door was made in the style of a simple craftsman front door


Vintage Parts Bin Valet

What once lived as a greasy parts bin in a commercial truck garage has been given new life as a multi-functional valet with a great vintage vibe.


Flight Racks

These flight racks were made for FH Beerworks in Colorado Springs. All of the materials came from casks that the brewery used to age one of their beers. The wood staves made perfect holders for the glasses, and the legs were hand hammered from metal rings that held the casks together.


The “Hebart” Built-in Bar

Pronounced “Eh-Bar”, this little gem was custom built for a couple of clients that are sports FANATICS, so what better material for a bar top that reclaimed bleachers from Denver Public Schools! The frame is made of reclaimed 2x4’s glazed black, the bottom is clad in Beetle Kill Pine from forest mitigation projects, and the accent on the front is recycled rebar.


Pedal Shaker Chest

Inspired by the classic Shaker Style furniture this chest was made for a customer to store their bike gear in a clean and fashionable way, complete with helmet storage on the underside of the lid. All of the Maple, Elm, and Box Elder woods are products of urban forestry!


Kitchen Island Cart

Ideal for the small kitchen that needs flexible working and storage space, this sturdy steel frame used to be a utility cart in a mechanic shop for commercial trucks. The painted cabinet has two soft close drawers, and the Russian Olive wood top is finished with food-safe bee's wax and mineral oil.


“Pit Bouncer” Patio Chairs

Tired and worn, these SUPER comfortable vintage chairs were brought to me by a client to be given a new lease on life. We took out the old wicker, beefed up the metal frame, and made beautiful new seats and backs out of reclaimed barn wood. I really wish I had a set of these outside my shop!