Vintage Parts Bin Valet

Vintage Parts Bin Valet


This vintage parts organizer has been given new life as unique valet for men or women.

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What once stored brass fittings for a commercial fleet mechanic in glorious 50’s style has now been redeemed as a personal valet to keep you organized with that same vintage 50’s styling. Each of the four drawers has a custom built insert to help store and organize your personal odds and ends in a clean and stylish fashion.

1st/Top Drawer: Ring holders, 4 compartments for earrings, cufflinks, etc.

2nd Drawer: 3 long compartments for necklaces, bow ties, etc.

3rd Drawer: Glasses/Sunglasses, & Watches

4th/Bottom Drawer: One large storage compartment for your daily items, phone, keys, wallet, etc.