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About Orewood

A Dedication to Craftsmanship

Orewood Solutions was born from the discovery of my passion for wood and metal craftsmanship and an intense need to return to my entrepreneurial roots.  What started as a love of working with my hands has now turned into a dedication to upholding the history of craftsmen all through-out time.  From the art of hand carving to the masterful stitching of a weld, Orewood Solutions is devoted to honoring quality craftsmanship.

A Dedication to Conservation

Craftsmanship requires materials with which to work, and the historically wanton misuse of resources has led to the issues of scarce and inferior materials. That’s why Orewood Solutions is dedicated to utilizing ethically sourced materials. Most of the materials I use are recycled or re-purposed, and wood that has to be purchased is bought from local companies which practice urban forestry (the practice of utilizing trees cut down in urban settings to generate usable lumber products). Furthermore, Orewood Solutions makes a concerted effort to minimize waste from the shop. Wood shavings from planing go to multiple neighbors with chicken coops, and I’m even working on some products to sell which utilize my waste sawdust to replace common products with eco-friendly options.

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ABOUT the owner

Chili Chullino

I grew up as the product of a generation who was told that the only way to make a living was to go to college and wear a suit, and as much as I thought I wasn't going to do that...I kind of did.  I earned my B.S. in Entrepreneurship from Johnson & Wales University and began applying my talents for other companies...then my wife broke her arm.  That may sound random but my wife is a pastor and during a VERY hectic day at church, between worship and a funeral service, she took a wrong step and fell off the raised altar area resulting in a broken arm and nasty concussion.  Not wanting to see anyone else get hurt I offered to build a communion rail.  This was the first large scale project that I ever designed and it incorporated both metal and wood work.

I had learned a lot about carpentry, welding, and metal work from my grandpa and dad as a kid, but I had never done any carving.  Thankfully, we had a master carver in our congregation, the trick is he had Parkinson's Disease and wasn't able to carve anymore.  So, I became the hands and he was the brains.  This project (which took over 400 hours to complete) is what made me realize my passion for craftsmanship and ultimately led to Orewood Solutions.